Change is never easy to accept because it comes with a certain level of risk. The last thing an IT entity wants is to carry more risk in the business.

Companies have embraced outsourcing as a  way of reducing costs and resources. But outsourcing has its own set of problems that if not managed well, it can cost a lot.

如果一个公司没有做好准备, it can lose control over the projects and this can affect the quality of the final products. 更糟糕的是,他们可能会招致隐性成本.

IT外包行业正在发展和变化. New IT providers come, the old one go, and each has their style of management. 有了这么多的不确定性, your company needs to measure and reduce risks exposed to them.

In this article, we want to look for at least 4 factors in mitigating outsourcing risks. If you can manage these factors in the beginning, you will have a smooth outsourcing experience.

有了这么多的不确定性, companies need to know how to measure and minimize the risk they’re exposed to from the very beginning.


没有人比你和你的员工更了解你的业务. Your team has formulated policies and practises which make your company what it is today. 你和你的员工知道该做什么,以及如何去做.

The result has always been your company’s success and team collaboration. 当你外包 your project, you lose managerial oversight to the outsourcing company. This is scary at first because it means you won’t have insight and control of the project.

不仅你的员工没有参与, but you can also lose giving directions to important decisions that may need your insight and oversight.

这对一些公司来说是很难应对的. The biggest problem happens when businesses and providers don't work to achieve the same goal. The lack of collaboration can hinder the project before it even starts.


Before you give control, know who you are and what you can’t give your provider. Create a detailed project management plan that describes how you want the outsourcing provider to manage the project and areas where you will collaborate or need updates frequently.


  • 时间开会

  • 报告进度更新和问题

  • 变更业务和运营目标的协议, 

  • 关键员工接触双方和他们的专业领域

When you hire a provider, you must place a temporary employee in their company. This will ensure you have a direct connection with the outsourcing company so that you can better understand how they work. It also creates an open channel of communication where you will receive updates and give feedback fast.


IT开发就是要保证质量. 你的员工了解你公司的需求, 更重要的是, 他们知道如何传达这些信息. When your staff commit to quality, you are always sure the final products will shine.

当你外包, you need the same level of commitment to quality and extend it to the third-party provider. The biggest challenge here is outsourcing providers won't have the same kind of experience and insight into your business as your staff. 

This can cause a big problem for entrepreneurs who need to outsource their project but fear to sacrifice quality.


The goal here is to find a committed outsourcing provider who cares a lot about the quality. That said, when you do your evaluation, ensure they have the same mindset as you. 

最好的评估方法是回顾他们过去的工作. It is common for a provider to say they deliver quality work without showing you the proof. What you need to do is to talk to at least three past references or current customers. Past clients are great for inquiry since they have nothing to close when they tell you the truth.

学习和理解和他们一起工作是什么感觉, 他们面临的挑战, 以及最终产品的结果. 如果他们没有推荐信,你就得离开. 因为他们是你不能信任的人, 没有他们的工作, 你不可能建立信任.


Outsourcing will save you money but if it comes with hidden costs, 然后,外包的美就失去了.

透明度在这里很重要. 隐藏费用的来源包括:

  • 硬件和软件升级

  • 现场故障排除

  • 合约未列明的下班时间服务收费


When you create a contract ensure you have listed all the expected services, 仔细阅读,找出任何附加费. Use a Service Level Agreement(SLAs) to limit the number of hidden costs that may appear.

服务水平协议(sla)将提供服务, 担保, 并由外包公司进行日常维护工作. 简而言之,sla会回答:

  • If the overall consulting cost includes new hardware and software

  • 如果提供商提供员工培训,费用是多少

  • 服务提供者提供的下班后服务, 

  • 现场访问的费用和可用性

In short, the contract needs to cover your needs and expectations to lower the risk of extra charges. In the agreement, you also need to specify the length of consultancy. 这样,你就不用每次都付钱了.


知识产权(IP)是贵公司的命脉. Intellectual property is anything your company will create, brand, patent, trademark or yours.

如果你与外包供应商合作,你的IP将面临风险. While it is not common for outsourcing companies to steal or leak your IP. 保护好你的财产对你来说仍然很重要.


在你开始任何谈判之前, inquire if your provider is willing to sign a confidentiality agreement to safeguard your business secrets. 这样的话,如果你的IP出了什么问题,他们就要负责.

You can use a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs) to describe the kind of IP you have, 他们应该如何治疗, 如果他们违反协议怎么办.

一个优秀的保密协议将降低风险,减少知识产权泄露. In the negotiation don't hesitate to ask your potential provider "why should I trust you with my IP?''. Any trustworthy person will give you an honest answer and will sign the NDA.


现在就开始评估你的风险. Your first plan of action is understanding the problems you will face at the start and figure out what your company needs to do to ensure the process is smooth.

The worst nightmare you can face is getting stuck when surprises happen. Never leave things to chance, always assess the risks before you start the project. Once you know the risks and how you will mitigate them that's when you can outsource.


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